About Me

Suchablog is, to put it simply, a blog by a French blogger, in English, about news. It is a little vanity of mine where I do what I enjoy – talking about the news from around the world. This is a blog where I take apart news stories, express gravity where it is needed, laugh at it or laugh with it when that’s what the story demands, and generally be a little irreverent like a Frenchman while I do it. This is not just any other news site that repeats the same news ad nauseum in blank, bland terms. I put my own views into the stories, and say what I wish the reporter or news portal had said. I publish news filtered through my consciousness, if you will, and hope it resonates with you somewhere.

So, why do I blog in a supersaturated category? There are tons of other news bloggers who have been doing the same things, curating news and commenting on the stories. But I believe there can never be enough discussions. This blog can be one such platform for discussion.

News Is Great For Clickbait

People love to read the news, and I love to talk about it. So it makes a lot of pragmatic sense to do what I do. Of course I’m in no position to report breaking news, nor do I want to do that. That’s the job of news media. But people love stories, and news is stories, and I enjoy telling stories. It is a symbiotic relationship that keeps everyone happy.

From A News Junkie

I,like many of my readers, wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is check my phone for the latest stories. It is almost like a drug to me to find out what’s happening around the world. It’s

never been a better time to live for a news junkie. The Internet has made it possible for me to dig up the strangest little stories from around the world, about the human condition – stories that are more bizarre than any piece of fiction. But the scope of this blog is the biggest stories that the media and the news is talking

about. I weigh in on these stories and give you a place to carry on the discussions.

The Difficulty Of Objectivity

As I said before, it is a great time to live for news junkies. But it’s also a time when it’s okay not to have breaking news. As I read and watch the news, the sense of perspective that it gives me into our times and the history of our times is something that all of my readers would have experienced with a thrill as well. But it is hard to tell what the truth is from the news. The very nature of news, how we try to be objective and factual but always filter our stories through personal experiences and biases. Even the best news commentator will have to face the political point-of-view that they can’t simply put up in the cloakroom before they start their work for the day.

I believe news can never be fully objective. Objectivity seems like a Holy Grail to pursue all your life, but it is a wild goose chase. Every news reporter, newscaster and journalist has an opinion about the story they are telling. Their opinions show through little nuances in the way they tell their stories, whatever their chosen medium.

Here’s a simple but striking example of how choice of words can make a difference to how people perceive the story you’re trying to tell. When reporting on a political commentator’s speech for the public, for example, you could either say

He spoke passionately about ABC

or you could say

He ranted about ABC

The two statements will have a very different reception. Subjectivity is unavoidable. So in this blog, I give up the chase for the wild goose and stick to subjective retelling. Such stories are enjoyable to read, just as they are enjoyable to tell.

What You Will Find Here

I blog about every kind of news, as long as it’s an important story that needs to be talked about. You’ll find a little bit of politics, a little environment, a little health and science, some art and entertainment, and stories in various categories from around the world. Welcome to Suchablog and hope you enjoy your time here.