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I blog about every kind of news, as long as it’s an important story that needs to be talked about.

Difficulty Of Objectivity

Objectivity seems like a Holy Grail to pursue all your life, but it is a wild goose chase.

News Junkie

It is almost like a drug to me to find out what’s happening around the world. It’s never been a better time to live for a news junkie.

The Most Promising Websites & Projects

Missionary Boys LogoMissionary Boys is rebranded version of Mormon Boyz, a huge fantasy website in the gay niche. While rebranding reasons are unknown to me, the fact remains the same – this website is your destination if you are looking for missionary gay adepts entering the world of filth and deviancy.

Sis Loves Me @ mysislovesme.comSis Loves Me is another winning project on the Web. It’s been launched back in 2016 and it continues to be the very best website when it comes to step siblings video entertainment. It’s obviously built for adults only and it shows the fantasy situations where step siblings are having sexual fun. Available to stream and download at its official tube website.

About Me

Suchablog is, to put it simply, a blog by a French blogger, in English, about news. It is a little vanity of mine where I do what I enjoy – talking about the news from around the world. This is a blog where I take apart news stories, express gravity where it is needed, laugh at it or laugh with it when that’s what the story demands, and generally be a little irreverent like a Frenchman while I do it. This is not just any other news site that repeats the same news ad nauseum in blank, bland terms. I put my own views into the stories, and say what I wish the reporter or news portal had said. I publish news filtered through my consciousness, if you will, and hope it resonates with you somewhere.

Bodies Buried Underground

Here’s news from an island not half an hour from an early home of the Zika virus, the island of Yap. For those of us who haven’t visited the Easter Islands recently, some mystery surrounding the enigmatic Easter Island heads or moai as they are called, was cleared up recently, thanks to some circulating photos in an email that has gone slowly viral since 2012. The general public knows the Easter Island statues simply as giant heads sitting on grassy mounds. Archaeologists have known other facts about the statues – more precisely, that the statues aren’t just heads but have bodies underneath that go down many feet into the ground. The moai were all standing up until the late 18th and 19th centuries when the Europeans came or possibly because of tribal wars.

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Most Beautiful Street Art Photos

Street art offers a fascinating look at the ethos of the local people in any country or region. For some, the moai of Easter Island is art, for others it’s history. Of course, art is subjective and you may not like my taste in art and vice versa. But street art painted on walls, doors, windows, abandoned buildings and walls are elevated by the choice of their canvas.

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