When cellphones hit the market back in 2002, the tech world played with the design of phones and a number of very interesting devices were released into the market. But there was still much room for improvement. Then came the introduction of smartphones which completely connected the world through social media and other platforms.

When they were first launched in 2004, smartphones were a huge hit and there was a high demand for them globally. Each time smartphone companies released new phones they were better than their predecessor in terms of design and performance.

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The touchscreen launched a new generation of smartphone design and creators focused more on the performance of the device. From the beginning of the smartphone revolution, the demand has always been high and each new device reached its target revenue. Dominant companies like Samsung and apple profited greatly by producing high quality devices.


This exploding phone incident can be blamed for the recent decline in sales of Samsung devices.

The Samsung brand is one that is known worldwide. The tech giant prides itself of producing the highest quality products imaginable. It dominates the market share with very few competitors. Recently it underwent a damaging incident where one of their phones, the Galaxy Note 7, was exploding and harming their users. This put a huge dent on their brand name.The company has since tried relentlessly to recover from the incident through the use of different strategies. This exploding phone incident can be blamed for the recent decline in sales of Samsung devices.

Another reason for the decline in the sales of Samsung smartphones could be the price of the devices. The consumers do not see the need to upgrade to a more expensive model because they are satisfied with their current device.

They also do not see the difference between newer models and their predecessors other than maybe the device size. For example, the galaxy S7 and the galaxy S6 only differ in size. The features on the phone are more or less similar. This has deterred consumers from upgrading their phones and therefore caused a decline in sales.

Apple Inc.

he impressive device had a price tag of a whopping $1000.

Apple is another tech giant that is highly dominant in the smartphone industry. The company,dominates the market share in the United States as well as in China. These two countries are very tech savvy and therefore this market has seen the success of Apple. The company also prides itself on manufacturing high quality products. This comes at a costly price. They recently released the iPhone X to the world. It had amazing features that were new and innovative, but it still didn’t do as well as its predecessor, the iPhone 8. Why is that? The impressive device had a price tag of a whopping $1000.

Consumers either did not see the device as being worth the money or they were comfortable with their current devices.

Another scandal that followed Apple is that consumers claimed their devices would stop working nearing the release of a newer model. Apple then confirmed that it is true. Most of the older devices experience problems when a newer model would debut. This caused controversy among the consumers who felt that it was wrong for the company to mess with their devices, forcing them to buy new ones. They lost a percentage of their market share.

In conclusion, in the age of smartphones, almost everyone owns one. The sale of these handy devices will reduce in the coming years. Newer companies like Xiaomi and Oppo offer the same quality gadgets but at a cheaper price. This will eventually be the new trend as the demand for expensive smartphones declines.