HBO has announced that Game of Thrones will be ending with Season 8, which may seem like a mercy to viewers frustrated with some of the plots that had stalled in the doldrums. The impending end is likely to move these threads along quickly and make for some exciting television. The creators of the show have said that they want to end the series in a way that will neatly wrap up the stories of all characters. Now this announcement is obviously leading to a lot of speculation about how the season and therefore the series is going to end.

Here’s a look at some of the most likely endings for this fantastic show. Since George R. R. Martin’s fictional series is behind the show, there was a lot of original content on Season 7, and Season 8 is likely to be no different.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Spoilers And Rumors
‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers And Rumors

Jon Snow Wins And Turns Out To Be Azor Ahal

Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen is such a survivor that it’s not hard to imagine him ‘winning’ the ‘game’. He might also be the reincarnated great warrior Azor Ahai, who was prophesied to save the world. He has already, convinced Davos to gather the military force of a few lesser Northern Houses, and his aunt will give him Targaryen armies in addition. If he can dethrone Cersei and reveal his real parentage, and win over Dany, he will have saved Westeros. He doesn’t seem to be fond of the throne, so he might abdicate in favor of his aunt.

Daenerys Targaryan Establishes Something Of A Democracy

It is highly possible for Dany to take control of the Seven Kingdoms and establish something of a democracy. She has to overcome the Lannisters and Euron Greyjoy, with the help of the Dothraki and her Unsullied army. But Euron has destroyed a number of her Greyjoys and the Dornish Sand Snakes. She also needs to face the Night King (taking a risk and turning away from her fight with Cersei to do so). She’s left with two dragons, whom she will have to use against the Night King’s army of the dead. Dany may be the only one equipped to kill the White Walkers. She can do this by holding fort at King’s Landing and by protecting the people, and finally claiming the Throne.

Cersei Wins

Cersei’s priority is always whoever she feels is family at the time. She wants to make a dynasty for two, but in order to hold the Iron Throne and keep her kids safe from her family and the undead, she may even kill her lover to achieve it. Cersei is a narcissist who takes pleasure in destroying her enemies, but she is capable. She is yet to face the Army of the Dead, although it would be tired no doubt from fighting in the North. One possibility is that Dany and Jon Snow both fail to defeat The Night King but Cersei uses leftover wildfire from King’s Landing against the army.

What We Can Expect From Game Of Thrones
What We Can Expect From Game Of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister Becomes King

Tyrion could be a secret Targaryen, based on the possibility that the Mad King got his way with Tyrion’s mother. At the moment, though, Tyrion is a Lannister killer and has ruled King’s Landing. He could very well seize the throne or be installed in it by Dany. He’d probably be a better king than Jon Snow.

Victory Of The Baby Targaryen

It is possible that Dany and Jon have made a miracle baby, which would be the next in line to the throne. As G.R.R. Martin has promised the ending of the series would be bittersweet, it could be that Jon or Dany die and the miracle baby waits to come of age under the protection of Tyrion or Jorah.

Game Of Thrones' Finale: "The Winds of Winter"
Game Of Thrones’ Finale: “The Winds of Winter”

Victory Of Baby Lannister

Cersei’s baby is another likely infant to ascend the throne, provided Cersei dies. Now there are interesting theories about her death being foretold in the hands of a ‘valonqar’, which is ‘little brother’ in valyrian. It could be Jaime, Tyrion or even her boy (the little brother of her previous kids) who fulfill this prophecy.

Euron Greyjoy Wins

Euron is in control of the Iron Fleet and were he to marry Cersei as he has been promised, he could be King. He is traveling to Essos to get the Gold Cloaks, who may abandon their contract. Then Euron will be forced to fight the Night king.

Which ending would you prefer? I personally would love to see how Cersei handles the situation, in her Clair Underwood style.